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Jaguar Pressure Washing has been pressure washing Jacksonville and surrounding areas since 1995. We are the leaders in low-pressure washing, environment-friendly chemical-free solutions, and superior service for residential and commercial pressure washing needs. Check out our rates and call us today for a low-cost quote! (904) 705-8888

Who we are


Hi I'm Dave, the owner of Jaguar Pressure Washing. You know, there are many companies out there that will pressure wash whatever you need them to. But those guys rarely stick around and rarely have the experience to handle the big jobs. All too often I see damaged homes, driveways, and businesses caused by someone who doesn't know what they're doing. Trust me and my crew to take care of all your pressure washing needs! I can handle anything you have and no job is too small for me. Jaguar Pressure Washing is here for you! Contact us today at (904) 705-8888!


  • Testimonial

    Our parking lot looks great now. We want to look our best for our customers. That’s why we called Jaguar Pressure Washing!

    - local business from Jax Beach

  • Testimonial

    My house looks brand new!  Thanks guys!

    - Mark from Southside

  • Testimonial

    I hired Jaguar Pressure Washing because of their fast response and price.  Dave knows what he is doing and did a great job.  I will definitely hire again!

    - Mike from Ponte Vedra

  • Testimonial

    Jaguar Pressure Washing is the ONLY company we use.  Their fast and professional service makes all the other guys look like amateurs.  Their knowledge of the industry keeps us confident they can safely and effectively clean our building, sidewalks, and parking lot whenever we need it.  Their use of environment-friendly products gives us peace of mind.  We recommend Jaguar Pressure Washing to anyone in Jacksonville who needs pressure washing.

    - local business

  • Testimonial

    Dave is the best at pressure washing!  He has pressure washed just about everything here.  Would highly recommend these guys!

    - Susan from Northside

  • Testimonial

    Awesome work – fast and friendly!

    - James from Arlington

  • Testimonial

    My driveway is clean now.  Dave did a good job.

    - Bob from Orange Park

  • Testimonial

    My roof was a mess after the hurricane.  Dave did a great job and didn’t over-charge me like some companies would even though my roof is large.

    - Latoya from Westside

  • Testimonial

    I had car-stains all over my driveway.  Jaguar Pressure Washing made them go away.

    - Vicky from Jax Beach

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Our pressure washing techniques can be tailored for any type of project no matter how delicate.  We use only the best cleaning methods and treat your property like our own.  CONTACT US today to schedule a FREE QUOTE!

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